How to Set Up Your Brand Account

Assemble Now is an event logistics and staffing application that helps you manage your event team’s tasks and connects you with great freelancers for your small and medium sized events. /

Assemble Now makes it simple to hire and coordinate event organizers, speakers, DJs, photographers, videographers, event marketers, and other important event-based contributors! 

Why are events important? Because they help to grow your community by engaging your community members and attracting new members. Community is the future of marketing and Assemble Now is here to help you be prepared for that future. 

So if you're planning to hold small to medium sized events to engage, educate and activate your networks, you’ve come to the right place.

Join The Waitlist

In order to participate in our Beta Program you must first join the waitlist. Go to our home page linked below and click “BRANDS: JOIN THE WAITLIST HERE”

Assemble Now sign up:

We’ll ask you a few questions about you and what your company’s needs are. For example, what challenges do you need help with most? Where are you based? What talent do you find it hardest to find? And, do you plan to host online events? This information helps us to select which companies will be onboarded to Assemble Now first and how to best meet your needs.

Create your Brand Account

If you’re selected for the Beta Program you’ll get an email with your login credentials.

Your credentials will include a temporary password.

You’ll also receive a verification email. 

Once you verify your email address, login with the credentials you’ve been provided. 

Then reset your password and save the new password somewhere safe like a password manager.

Note - the Beta is just a small cohort of brands that will have first access to the app. Beta users will get customized support for 6 months or until we’re ready to release the app to the public. 

Create your brand profile 

In order for Assemble Now to match you with great freelancers you’ll need to complete a brand profile. Simply login to your Assemble Now account. 

Step 1 - select your profile

Select your profile name on the top right (desktop). A menu will appear. Select “Profile”. Brand Profile page opens up. 

Step 2 - Select “Edit” to update your profile information

Select “Edit” to open the Brand Profile page. From here you can update your public brand name, add a description of your brand, add your audience demographic information and phone number. This is also where you add your brand logo and cover image.

Create your first event

Now that you’ve set up your brand profile you’re ready to post an event! The following steps will walk you through the process.

Step 1 - Enter the name of the event in the “Event Name” field

Select a catchy and memorable name for your event. Don’t worry, you can update this later if need be.

Step 2 - Enter a few sentences about the event in the “About” field

Describe the event in a few sentences so that Assemble Now has a sense of what the event is about.

Step 3 - Set the event start and end date and times

Enter the event start and end date and time. Note the check box indicating whether the date and time of the event is flexible.

Step 4 - Select up to three categories that fit how you would describe the event.

Select up to three items from the category selections. This information helps Assemble Now to classify the event and match your brand event with great talent.

Step 5 - Explain the vision of the event

This is where you describe the vision of the event. Tell Assemble Now what you envision and paint a picture of what you want the experience to be like.

Step 6 - Input your goals and KPIs

Enter what you want to achieve with this event and how you will measure success.

Step 7 - Input your target demographic information

Tell us about your target audience. Who are they? How do they behave and what do they love? Input information about your demographic here.

Step 8 - Select the event themes that fit your event.

Under “Event Themes” select all themes that fit your event.

Step 9 - Enter the location of the event and if you need help finding a venue.

Enter the location of the event you are holding and select the checkbox if you need help finding a venue. There is no limit but be precise. This helps Assemble Now to find you good matches.

Step 10 - Enter the event schedule.

This is where you can write out the dates and times of all activities that need to go into making the event happen.

Step 11 - Input your estimated budget and select if you are ready and able to pay upfront.

Step 12 - List any brand partners, sponsors, as well as their roles and expectations..

Enter any event partners and sponsors. Clearly document any expectations or responsibilities that are agreed upon. If you need help finding sponsors check the box below.

Note - for the beta you will need to create your online events 30 days ahead of time and IRL events 3 months ahead of time so you have enough time to get matched to your team and prepare for your event. Our goal is that by the end of the beta we can cut the required preparation time for all events in half so that you can easily throw events on even a short timeline if necessary!

Step 13 - Hit “SAVE” and wait for your matches

Click “save” and wait for Assemble Now to match you with talented builders/freelancers for your event!