How to Set Up Your Builder Account

Assemble Now is an event logistics and staffing application that connects you, the freelancer,  what we call builders, with opportunities to work on events in your region. Whether you’re an event organizer, speaker, performer, DJ, photographer, influencer, event marketer, videographer or you play any other role in putting together  great events, you’ve come to the right place. Assemble Now is helping companies build communities by connecting them with people like you and simplifying the planning process.

Sign up and verify your Assemble Now account

Becoming a freelancer is fast and simple. Go to our home page linked below and click “Sign up as a freelancer or vendor”

Go to Assemble Now sign up page:

Step 1 - Enter your name, location and consent to updates

Enter your email address, first and last name as well as your location, then consent to email updates. Then hit “Subscribe”.

Step 2 - Check your email for your verification message

You’ll receive a verification email in your inbox momentarily. In the verification email click “Verify Email Address”.

You’ve completed the sign up and verification process! Now sign in to the Assemble Now app and complete your account setup. 

Sign in and set up your Assemble Now app account

Sign into Assemble Now

Sign in to Assemble Now app

The Assemble Now app will open in a new browser tab. Click “Sign In” to set up your new Assemble Now account.

Set up your Assemble Now profile

Step 1 - Enter name, email and select a password

Enter your name, email address and choose a password.Then click “Sign In”. You’ll be taken to a new page to enter your profile bio information.

Step 2 - Create your bio

Now enter a few sentences about yourself in the “about” field to help Assemble Now in the matching process. Are you a skilled photographer with a great ability to capture intimate moments, or are you a public speaker who’s well informed and connected to emergent technological developments? Maybe you’re an event planner or a DJ with years of experience under your belt. Make it short, sweet and compelling.

Step 3 - Add your profile picture and cover photo

Now select a profile picture and cover photo that’ll make your page stand out from the rest. Great profile pictures are clear, professional and memorable. Good cover photos are clean, simple and set just the right tone.

Step 4 - Add your location, phone number and pricing information

Next is to input your personal information. Enter your location, phone number and desired hourly rate in USD.

Your work information

It’s time to enter information about your work! Note that you will be matched to brands based on the information you write about your work experience so be specific and detailed. 

Step 1 - Enter your title, position and skills 

Enter your title or position, then select your skills. They may range from graphic design, educator, venue and more. Select all that apply.

Step 2 - Select your interests

Select your interests. These may include music, entrepreneurship, augmented reality or Web3 marketing, just to name a few. If you are into it then select it and let Assemble Now connect you with people that are looking to hire someone with your interests. Let Assemble Now know that you're their person!

Step 3 - Enter information about your experience and skills

Input information about your experience and what skills you have to offer. Go ahead and let Assemble Now now that you have the experience, skills and are the perfect fit for upcoming opportunities!

Step 4 - Enter your references

In the next field enter your references so that interested parties know who they can contact to confirm your skill sets and experience. It’s about establishing trust so that Assemble Now can match you with great opportunities.

Step 5 - Enter your audience demographic

We are almost all set up. The last thing we need to do is enter the audience demographic in which you thrive. This is most important for event planners, event marketers, influencers, and performers, who will be responsible for attracting and resonating with specific target audiences. The audience demographic that you wish to target could be based on age, gender, interests, language, industry or other areas. Where do you feel you'd best fit in? Again, this information will help Assemble Now to perfectly match you with the events that fit your abilities and interests.

Once you’ve selected the audience demographic, you're ready to receive company and organization event matches! Congratulations, you all set up as a builder/freelancer. Welcome to Assemble Now!